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Preorder procedures

  1. You have to pay for 2 times to finish all payment for every preorder items.
  2. Find and purchase the item(s) in the category of Deposit (1st payment)
  3. Checkout and finish the payment. Kindly understand that the deposit (1st payment) is only 30% of the full price.
  4. Don't forget to use the 10% OFF Coupon for discount.
  5. Receive our official invoice of your preorder. It contains all order details, including order no., product release date, remaining payment required, etc. (Receive in both of your account and personal e-mail inbox)
  6. REPLY TO CONFIRM you understand all procedures and terms.
  7. Wait patiently until the product release date, and receive our reminder in message when your item comes in stock.
  8. After getting our reminder, find and purchase the same item (s) in the category of Remaining balance (2nd payment)
  9. Checkout and finish the remaining balance, that is 70% of the full price. Again you can use the 10% OFF Coupon for discount.
  10. We would ship your item(s) within 1 - 3 business days when your item comes in stock. Kindly wait for our shipment updates and tracking information.


Disclaimer about preorder

  1. After receiving your deposit (1st payment)both of the customer and us have the responsibility to finish the order. If you want to cancel the order and give up the item after deposit payment, you will lose the deposit and we will not send you any refund.
  2. If we do not receive your remaining balance (2nd payment) after 21 days starting from when we send the 1st message of reminder to your store and e-mail inboxes, we reserve the right to regard your order cancelled. No refund of deposit will be sent to you. Please pay attention on our messages.
  3. We always fulfill our customers' orders. However, there may be rare issues, such as allocation, manufacturer cancellation, which may have impact on us about fulfilling your order. In any case we cannot provide the product to you, we promise we MUST send you the full refund of all of your payment.
  4. There may be slight delay about releasing the products caused by the manufacturers. This is common situation seen in toy industry. We must update all of our customers if there is such delay of release, and promise that we would not delay at our side.


For all terms about preorder, please refer to our 

Terms and conditions.