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1.1 Several ways to find your product

Simply click 'All Preorders' to enter the product page of latest preorders

1.2 Several ways to find your product

If you have any key words, simply use the search bar at the top right corner.

Or press the buttons in the home page to narrow down your search.

1.3 Several ways to find your product

After entering the product page of any category, you can further search your product by key words with the search bar , or the categories on the left.

2. For all preorders, always look for the red label written 'DEPOSIT' at the right bottom corner

Find the products with the red label as shown. it indicates the preorder item and only 30% of full price as deposit is required to reserve the product.

3. Get the price (30% deposit) (shipping fee included)

Press the photo and see details.

Select your country and currency.

See the price including shipping fee, but this is exactly 30% of full price only.

4. Calculate the total price (shipping fee included)

Example in the photo:

Deposit: 25.9

Total price: 25.9 / 30% = USD 86.33

5. Checkout - pay for 30% deposit 

Go back to the product with the red label of deposit. Press 'PREORDER NOW'

Press 'Checkout'

6. Apply the Coupon Code for discount

In this page, click Login for faster checkout, or register here as our member if you are not yet our member.

It is easy to get our coupon code in our shop. Follow the steps written in our shop and do not miss out.

After getting the code, click 'Apply A Coupon Code' here.

Enter the code in the field and press 'Apply'. The price will be discounted then.

Confirm your order details, and press 'Proceed to Checkout' to finish your order.

You will receive our emails for the order details after completion of checkout.

7. When the item is released, pay for the remaining 70% to finish order

Your item is reserved after 30% deposit payment. When the item is released, we will send emails to you to ask for your remaining 70% payment.

To pay for the remaining 70%, go to 'BALANCE PAYMENT' in the top menu.

8. Find your preordered product with black label written 'BALANCE'

Enter key words in the tool bar.

Press the product photo with the black label written 'BALANCE'.

Repeat the order procedures as same as the 30% deposit payment. (apply the coupon code again if you have)

Finish the remaining 70% payment and wait for our shipment updates.